About us

BioAge, a continually evolving company


BioAge is a hi-tech private company, born on 2003, devoted to the development of electronic systems having an high technology content, the company has its strength in the multidisciplinarity.

The main activities of BioAge are:

  • Realization of highly technological products (see the products page)
  • Designing of products for other companies (see the designing page)
  • Scientific Research (see the research page)
The company mission is graphically shown by the following virtuous circle
BioAge is a partner of various European research projects, the European research projects aim to reach very ambitious goals that require, to be reached, the development of a highly advanced electronic knowledge, for this reason BioAge, during the past years, has achieved an excellent know-how in the electronics and sensors field, all the skill acquired in time is employed to design and realize products for itself and for other companies.
BioAge puts its experience matured in the technology innovation field at its customers disposal. This virtuous process is called TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFER.

The company is focused on the development of complete innovative products that integrate the excellent know-how acquired in time, with complete product it want to intend a system integrating:

  • Electronics
  • Firmware
  • Software
  • Mechanics
  • Hydraulics

The BioAgeā€™s strength is the capability to develop at the same time, and in the same company, all the aspects of a products, only by means of these multidisciplinary competencies it is possible to realize an innovative and optimized product.
The emerging countries have a competitiveness in the cost of labour and in the low cost production, for this reason our growth model is based on the realization of products having an high added value.

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