Printed on Photographic Paper

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BioAge was involved in the A3PLE ( FP7 European Research Project where it has designed a lot of large electronic circuits that were printed on paper.
These electronics circuit have been developed and designed by BioAge within the A3PLE with the purpose that the paper is a green, renewable and recyclable commodity product. The Paper and the fibres, as a substrate, have very interesting properties, in particular the paper thermal and mechanical dimensional stability, compared to for example plastics, for the printing of electronics as well as the capacity of electric charge accumulation at the fibre surface for the integration of electronic components. Three different circuit were developed by BioAge for three different applications targeted: Environment and safety label; Environment and advertising posters; Smart packaging labels. All the devices designed by BioAge were printed by roll-to-roll printing processes, but it could be possible to use the ink jet printing or the screen printing process.




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